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It's Mellyroo to you!

Dont hate me cuz you aint me!

18 October 1975


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Im mom to 2 daughters

made by memade by me

My heart belongs to Dave

I love my dog and my cat

Im addicted to PSP

I really <3 Las Vegas

I love live music and concerts

My favorite holidays are Halloween and 4th of July

I love Xmas lights

I love piercings and tatoos

I havent always been so addicted to tv
but in the last few years I have found shows
that I just cannot pull myself away from...

Lost, Big Brother, Suvivor, Amazing Race,
Degrassi, Real World/Road Rules, Family Bonds,
All My Children, CSI (any but Vegas is my fav),
Law & Order (all but SVU is my fav,
Las Vegas, & Life as we know it.
Im sure there are more I just cannot think of them at the moment.

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All graphics have been removed due to non talented thieves taking my stuff.

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Kaysar is BB6 Mastermind LOVE!

Matchbox 20 is Music love!

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Dominic Monaghan Mood Set created by Laney from http://cenedrawood.net

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